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 The Daphne/Niles Crack!

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PostSubject: The Daphne/Niles Crack!   Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:22 pm

I've compiled all episodes throughout the Frasier series that develop Niles and Daphne's relationship. For you, posterity! It's all for you!

Keep an eye out for my next Frasier-related post in which I cite all the times Chuck Lorre straight-up ripped-off Frasier for the Big Bang Theory.

S01: Ep03, Ep06, Ep17
S02: Ep04*
S03: Ep05, Ep13
S04: Ep06 Ep21
S05: Ep20
S06: Ep13, Ep22
S07: Ep10, Ep11, Ep14, Ep22, Ep23, Ep24
S08: Ep01, Ep02, Ep03, Ep05, Ep19
S09: Ep12, Ep13, Ep15
S10: Ep01, Ep08,* Ep14, Ep24
S11: Ep01, Ep24

*Astounding foreshadowing here!
*Remember S02, Ep04?
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The Daphne/Niles Crack!
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